Lets get clued up!

We're super excited to be opening again, and in true Stoneworks fashion we're going about it in our own way. Saftey is the new usp of the Stoneworks so here are some things your probably gunna wanna know.

Arriving for your Stoneworks Session

To make things a little less hectic for us all each Session will have an allotted arrival time. In the interest of safety and service we’re going to need you to arrive in between these times, before the start of the main service. Anyone arriving after this time will not be allowed in without prior consent. If for any reason you’re going to need to be a few minutes late, please let us know in advance and we will do our very best to make it happen, we cannot however guarantee this! We know this is crap, we don’t really like it either, but it makes sure that we can manage everyone’s safety during the session and that’s very important to us.

The Stoneworks Blackcard

If it is your first visit with us it means you still haven’t seen our awesome Stoneworks Black Card. These are how we are going to credit you back (in full) your session buy in. As we are already expecting your arrival, it should be pretty easy on your part! When you arrive for the first time, we will bring the card over and explain how it all works. Essentially you’re now the proud owner of a Stoneworks gift card, all you have to do is flash us your number whilst you’re ordering and you can use any credit on the card in part or full. For the terms and conditions of our Stoneworks Black Card please see here

Spent all your credit on goodies?

it’s all good, once it’s run out you don’t have to leave, you can just pay contactlessly on your debit or credit card as normal. Keep hold of the card as next time you are part of a booking, we will use your email address to top you up
Please remember, we will be a cashless bar.

Service at The Stoneworks

We will aim to get you served as quickly as possible. When you get seated, you will notice that we now have swanky new call buttons on each table. If for some reason we haven’t got to you before you need us, hit that button and we will be with you as soon as we can! Throughout the night if you want to get our attention and can’t just flag us down, give it a little click to let us know you want some help!

We can’t have you at the bar, so let us bring the bar to you. The menu will be visible from our homepage and as always if you have any questions or need recommendations, just ask. We know you lot are all lovely but this is all new to us and we are going to ask you to be patient with us. We’re going to be doing our best to make sure service is amazing, fast and safe, but it may be a tad bit slower than you are used to from us.

These Rules ain't for bending

Rules, guidance, advice.... whatever anyone wants to call it there are going to be some things that you're going to have to do and some things you're not going to be able to do, when you come and see us! It isn't fun, but its necessary


You gotta have one! Maybe 2 just in case the other one somehow disappeared.
When you arrive, please have ya mask on!
When you leave please put ya mask on!
Going to the loo? Put ya mask on!
Going outside for a smoke? PUT YA MASK ON!!
You get the point right? Unless you’re sitting at your table with your mates you’re going to need to be wearing a mask!

Table Service at the table

If you ain’t at ya table, we cant give you table service. The Suits have said that you cant be stood up and we don’t want to be rude, but if you’re stood up, we are going to ask you to sit down unless you’re coming or going or the only person allowed in the new VIP Restroom Waiting Area ™.

Drinks Outside?

Unfortunately, they can’t be! For the foreseeable future we are going to have to ask everyone to refrain from taking any drinks outside, feel free to go outside for a smoke (or just to have a look around), but you’re going to have to leave your drink on the table! Whilst outside please put some distance between you and whoever else is out there., Ideally 2 meters should do it.

Sanitisation Stations

We’ve got some lovely looking automatic hand sanitizer dispensers, why not do us a favour and make sure they work when you come in, when you leave, and even when you just want to double check. If for any reason they are not working, please do let a member of staff know.


The Stoneworks isn’t really set up for social distancing. This is especially noticeable when trying to go to the restroom. Each table will be given a placard that you’re going to want to hang on the wall on the way to the restroom. If you go to hang yours up and there is already one there, it means the toilet is already occupied. This will stop people coming down the hallway and any potential less than 1m interactions. When you’re done just take your sign back with you.

Want to go to the loo but there is an occupied sign? We’re going to need you to wait. We have a specified waiting area for you (a square on the floor), but it’s going to be a 1 person waiting limit.

We’re really sorry about this, we know it isn’t great, but it’s really the only thing we can do to make sure that people are not passing in close proximity up near the bar.

We will also have a touch free hand sanitising station located as you head towards the restrooms. If you wouldn’t mind, we would very much appreciate you using it both before and after using the restrooms.

Homies On Other Tables?

Got a friend on another table? Want to say hi? We’re afraid that you’re going to have to send a text because you can’t be at tables that you did not book with. We’re not the fun police but we all have to stick to the rules, so keep this in mind.

We got your back, from 1m+

It goes without saying, we’re going to need you to abide by the same rules as everywhere else in the country… keep your distance from others. We know it’s harder once a drink is involved, but don’t worry, we will be keeping an eye out for you guys. Just know that if we’re giving you a reminder, it’s for your safety. Gov Guidance states 2m Distance should be observed where possible.

We wont be out past curfew!

We’re going to be blunt here, in the final session everyone will be out of the building by 21:50. To put this simply, a £10,000 fine isn’t something we’re going to be able to survive. Them’s the rules and we’re sticking to them! If you give us a hard time about this, you won’t be coming back to see us when all this is said and done.

Normal Rules Apply

We know its been a while, but just a little reminder. The bar still has non pandemic related rules, just because you got a Black Card dont mean all bets are off. One particular thing we want to point out here is we still have to cut people off when they’ve had enough, even if that is when you show up at the start of a session after a day drinking elsewhere!

Attendance is acceptance

By showing up, you are accepting that these rules are in place and that you are going to abide by them. We don’t want to, but if we have to we will be asking people who won’t play nice to leave. We only want to open if we can open safely and anyone putting that in jeopardy will not be tolerated.